Psychotherapy Concept. Depressed black man talking to psychologist during individual therapy

The PPC20 model is based on an established measurement tool, the BAT 5 psychometric interpretation system, which measures how a person’s heredity, upbringing, environment, situation, and communication skills combine to shape their competence in any given role.

The PPC20 product uses a 20-factor system to assess the competencies of each individual. These factors include: self-regulation, problem solving, communication, socialization, decision-making, and stress management. By measuring each of these factors, Zodu Coaching and Consulting Center is able to provide detailed feedback about an individual’s performance capabilities.

The PPC20 assessment also includes a special feature called “competency mapping.” This feature allows the coaching center to map out the competencies of each individual and compare them to the target requirements for the specific role. By comparing an individual’s competencies to the target requirements for the role, the coaching center can identify areas where an individual needs improvement or can focus on further development.

Through the PPC20 program, Zodu Coaching and Consulting Center is able to provide insight into an individual’s performance competencies and identify areas where they need to improve or focus on further development. This in-depth assessment of an individual’s performance capabilities helps employers make more informed decisions when it comes to hiring new staff or evaluating current employees.