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Success at work whether in leading a team or being a productive team member comes from self-awareness and constant self-development. 

These can be accomplished by hereditarily acquired as well as environmentally conditioned skills, attitudes, motivations and preferences. 


This assessment system can help to identify the motives behind communication, discover people’s inspiration, maximize personal assets and improve weaknesses, identify stressors and reduce conflicts. This reflects the style adopted for accomplishing a specific assignment. 

Through the results of this assessment, it is possible to identify ideal environmental factors, which will trigger higher productivity and maximize satisfaction in every aspect of life. 

This Profile indicates dimension of the candidate’s behavior, Controlling, Convincing, Conforming and Consistent, in order to assess various aspects like, drive to overcome barriers, ability to persuade etc. 

It categorizes individuals as People Oriented” or “Task Oriented”, which in turn reflects their style of getting work done. It also helps find out if an individual is an “Initiator” or “Responder” to the environment and people.