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CPA helps to measure how effectively people can communicate in their work and personal lives. It examines how one interprets, evaluates, and responds to verbal and non-verbal messages. This helps individuals to better understand themselves and others as well as identify any potential communication barriers that may arise.

When it comes to communication at work, CPA assesses how individuals express their ideas and opinions, how they interact with colleagues, how they handle conflict and disagreements, and how they take feedback. It also evaluates how people respond to stressful situations and if they are able to remain calm and composed.

On the other hand, CPA looks at communication off work by assessing how people interact with family and friends, how they handle sensitive topics, how they manage relationships, and how they respond to different types of social situations. Through CPA, individuals can gain an insight into their communication style and learn how to better manage relationships in both their work and personal lives.

Ultimately, CPA helps to identify strengths and weaknesses in one’s communication skills and provides a roadmap for improvement. At Zodu Coaching and Consulting Center, our experienced professionals use the BAT 5 Psychometric Interpretation to measure the different influences on one’s mind in order to help individuals become better communicators.