Presenting life work balance

The F.I.T.S. psychometric framework consists of four components: Feelers (F), Intuitors (I), Thinkers (T) and Sensors (S). Each of these components represents a distinct way in which an individual interacts with the environment.

Feelers (F): People who rely heavily on their feelings and emotions when making decisions are referred to as Feelers (F). They are highly sensitive to the feelings and emotions of others and strive for harmony in their interactions.

Intuitors (I): People who rely on their intuition when making decisions are called Intuitors (I). They have strong inner knowing and rely on their hunches to guide them.

Thinkers (T): People who rely on logic and analysis when making decisions are called Thinkers (T). They view problems logically and use facts and data to back up their decisions.

Sensors (S): People who rely on their five senses when making decisions are called Sensors (S). They make decisions based on what they observe and experience.

At Zodu Coaching and Consulting Center, our BAT 5 psychometric interpretation framework allows us to understand the various influences that shape an individual’s behavior. Through a comprehensive assessment of one’s genetic makeup, upbringing, environmental factors, situational factors, communication patterns and competency mapping, we can gain insight into a person’s behavior. This helps us to provide personalized advice and coaching in order to create lasting change in our clients’ lives.